Reverse Engineering

Binary software analysis and modification

Examples of offered services

Writing a wizard for generating service menu access codes

A specialist device service needed free access to the software's service mode. It was necessary in order to meet the client's needs in terms of post-warranty repairs. After providing an app for controlling a specific device it was determined how does the service key's algorithm work, thus allowing to generate it.
The client received:

  • PC's apps for generating service keys
  • Android apps for generating service keys

Preparing additional language versions, without the source code

An importer of devices has established cooperation with a Chinese contractor. The ordered product did not include an English language version of the user interface, and it was also impossible to access the source codes.
The order included:

  • Preparing a Polish and English version of the software
  • Preparing an installer in Polish and English

Securing intellectual property on a smart card

The client wanted to provide its employees with access to software which was highly desired by the competition. The client was afraid that the employees will share the software. A solution consisted in including an essential portion of the code on a processor card.

  • The applet included on the smart card has a validity period which does not allow unauthorized access to the algorithm after it ends
  • The card's validity period can be conveniently extended with the use of a disposable code
  • Each card has its validity period and after that time has to be recharged